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Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 6, 2011

Suspended whistle-blower digs more Toyota dirt

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Toyota Vietnam


An engineer who exposed errors in Toyota cars leading to the biggest recall in Vietnamese history told Tuoi Tre the company is hiding two more technical faults.
Le Van Tach said there are six faults, not four as Toyota Vietnam admitted during a press conference on June 13.
Tach said he had discovered a fault related to oil leak in the cushioning system in Innova and Fortuner cars.
Another error the company is hiding from the public concerns Corolla Altis having one part installed not in accordance with original technical designs.
If Toyota Vietnam does not announce such errors, Tach said he would file a complaint to Vietnam Register, a government agency in charge in vehicles’ safety.
Tach had earlier exposed three errors related to bolts, pressure and seats. The company later admitted to the three and since April this year, has recalled around 73,000 cars.
Tach is being suspended from working for Toyota Vietnam for three months starting June 13 on the grounds that he negatively affected work and had a “bad influence” on colleagues.
However, the company denies punishing Tach, saying the suspension is in line with labor laws and company regulations.
It stems from Tach’s baseless accusations that caused disunity among employees, and not to his whistle blowing, the company explained during a press conference on June 13.
On May 31 Tach sent a complaint to general director Akito Tachibana that seven senior officials had insulted and threatened him. He wanted the company to apologize and compensate him.
But the general director replied that the accusations lacked evidence.
In related news, Tach told Dan Viet on Tuesday that he is preparing to open a private business and will quit the Toyota job.
But he also confirmed with Tuoi Tre that he had sent a letter to Akito Tachibana to appeal against the suspension.
Tach in late April received the “Responsibility Prize” from the Center for Research on Communication Development under Hanoi-based Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association.

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