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Thứ Năm, 30 tháng 6, 2011

Doctor suspended for negligence leading to death

The house of the doctor was destroyed by angry mob after Huyen's death


According to a source, a doctor and two nurses at Nam Can General Hospital in Ca Mau Province has been suspended by the provincial health department for failing to carry out full medical checks which led to the death of a 17-year-old girl on Wednesday.
To Van Mung, the hospital’s deputy director of Nam Can, admitted that the doctors on duty when Duong Thi Thu Huyen from Sa Po Ward, Nam Can District, was hospitalized on June 28 didn’t perform full and appropriate medical checks on her and thus failed to diagnose her traumatic brain injury.
On June 28, Huyen was taken to Nam Can after her neighbors found her lying unconsciously on the street with bloodstains on her clothes and scratches on her body in the early morning.
Her aunt, Nguyen Thi Phuc, who took care of her at the hospital, said the doctors in Nam Can asked the family to bring Huyen home after examining her.
“They said my niece’s health was normal,” she said. “But we asked them to let her stay at the hospital, as she was still writhing in pain and was unable to speak.”
At midnight June 28, as Huyen suddenly had difficulty breathing, Phuc and Anh again took her to doctor Tu.
“But after a quick check, the doctor told me that my niece just ‘pretended to be in pain’ and she would be okay in the morning,” Phuc said.
“He went back to sleep after that and told me not to disturb him anymore when I tried to call him more 5 times.”
Huyen died at 4 am on June 29.
According to the Nam Can District People’s Committee, Huyen was reportedly raped by Le Quoc Lo after going to a karaoke club with him and four other 4 people on June 27.
Lo has been arrested for investigation.
The police also seized 24 “hooligans” who had destroyed the facilities of Nam Can hospital and even the house of doctor Tu upon Huyen’s death.

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