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Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 6, 2011

Chinese teacher says ‘I Love Vietnam’

A Taiwanese (Chinese) lecturer at the Hanoi University of Foreign Languages has written a song in Vietnamese professing his love for Vietnam as a parting gift.
“Toi yeu Vietnam” (I Love Vietnam) by Do Van Duong (Vietnamese name), set to music by his son, a musician, has captivated many people’s hearts with its simple lyrics and emotive singing.
Sung in both Vietnamese and Chinese, the refrain goes “Toi yeu Vietnam/ Cam on Vietnam / Tran trong hen gap lai Vietnam!” (I love Vietnam / Thank you, Vietnam / See you again, Vietnam).
Duong, a native of Kaohsiung city, was a lecturer of Chinese, and is, according at least one of his students, a sentimental man.
Viet Dung, working at the university, added that though the teacher did not speak Vietnamese well, he loved and respected his students.
The images and video clips accompanying the song were shot by Duong during his travels around Vietnam and when he hung out with his students.
“Many Chinese consider Vietnam as their second home or even the only home. So, we respect them,” a netizen wrote on Facebook.

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