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Thứ Năm, 30 tháng 6, 2011

Celebrities donate to help kids with heart defects

Ngo Thanh Van (C) and Dam Vinh Hung (R) in the Scar of Life auction gala
Photo: VnExpress

Well-known Vietnamese singers, models, actors took part in charity auction The Scar of Life and raised $50,000 for kids with heart defects last Wednesday in Ho Chi Minh City’s White Palace Convention Center.

Led by actress Ngo Thanh Van The, the auction included a collection of celebrities’ portrait photos that show their past failures and how they overcame difficulties to become successful.

One hot item was a black and white portrait of a child patient with autographs from Jack Black and Angelina Jolie which Ngo Thanh Van managed to get after going through security guards being given only two minutes to explain and persuade the Hollywood stars. 

The photo was sold for US$10,000.

The auction’s moment, however, was when Huynh Nhu, a 13-year-old girl who had gone through a surgery for innate cardiovascular disease broke out on stage as she was giving thanks to those who had helped her pay for the operation.

“After the surgery, I feel like I am living again. I want to become a doctor to help other people,” said the girl from Tra Vinh Province.

After Nhu, 11 year-old Hai Dang and other children performed the song Ngay dau tien di hoc (First Day at School). Dang later gave singer Dam Vinh Hung his red scarf, which was then auctioned off and bought by White Palace’s owner for $10,000.

Dam Vinh Hung also auctioned his oil painting at the end of the event. 

Started at $5000, the painting was bid for $11,000 by model Truong Thi May, $15,000 by actress Hoang Thuy Linh, and finally sold for $18,000 to a business woman who ceded the possession to Hoang Thuy Linh and only asked to donate the painting’s value.

Thu Huong, Miss Sports Hanoi 1995 and also a character in The Scar of Life’s photo book, and actress Mai Thuy Huyen contributed $5000 and $2000 respectively to the painting. 

Two other philanthropists topped it up with $10,000.

Dam Vinh Hung’s painting garnered the greatest donations at the auction: $50,000. His portrait was also sold at $85,000.

Miss Vietnam 2004 Nguyen Thi Huyen bought her own portrait for $5000. 
Portraits of Ngo Thanh Van, singer My Linh, entrepreneurs Don Lam and Robin King Austin, and Khai Silk also fetched thousands of dollars.

The money raised in the auction will be donated to Vietnam Heart Beat, a charity fund that carries on operations for children.

Each heart operation costs up to $1000.

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