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Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 6, 2011

Posters, banners deface Hue


Tourists visiting Hue and local residents both complain about the posters that are stuck everywhere in the heritage city, including its imperial relics.
At the two most crowded entrances to the Imperial City, Chanh Dong on Mai Thuc Loan Street and Chanh Tay on Yet Kieu Street, advertisements printed on A4 paper are stuck all over the walls, offering everything from tutorial classes to sex toys.

Beside posters, banners too hang everywhere, including from houses, electric poles, ATMs, and parks.

Tuoi Tre discovered that it costs only VND500,000–1 million for printing and hiring people to put up the banners and posters around the city.

Though the police go around daily to remove them and take in people putting them up, things are out of control since the deed is usually done late at night or at dawn to avoid detection.

Read more at www.tuoitrenews.vn

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