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Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 5, 2011

Vietnam’s doctoral steles recognized by UNESCO

Doctoral steles

UNESCO has added doctoral steles from the Le and Mac Dynasties in Hanoi’s Temple of Literature to the Memory of the World Register after being recognized in March.
The doctoral steles include 82 stone steles that contain names and information related to doctoral laureates who passed the imperial examinations during the reign of the two dynasties from 1442 to 1779.
UNESCO's Memory of the World Program, also called UNESCO World Documentary Heritage, is an international initiative launched in 1992 to protect the documentary heritage of humanity against neglect, the ravages of time and climatic conditions, and willful and deliberate destruction.
Around 238 world documentary heritages in numerous countries have been placed on the list.
A world documentary heritage can be a single document, an audio cassette or even an animal skin that reflects the diversity of languages, people and cultures around the world.

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