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Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 5, 2011

Murdered Vietnamese woman in Korea identified

The Vietnamese embassy in the South Korean capital Seoul yesterday identified the Vietnamese woman allegedly murdered by her Korean husband Monday as Hoang Thi Nam, 23, of Phan Thiet.
An autopsy result showed that Nam was stabbed 53 times and died on the spot.
Nam had married Lim Chae Won, 37, in April last year and moved to South Korea in August.
A neighbor called the police after hearing Lim kick a neighbor's door and shout that he had killed a person, Yeonhap news agency reported.
When officers arrived at Lim’s house, they found the couple’s 19-day-old baby lying next to his bleeding mother and his father outside the house with a knife in hand.
Nam reportedly lived in Simthow, a center for ill-treated foreign brides, from October 5 to November 22 last year before Lim came and took her home, a center official said.
The police said Lim had confessed to stabbing Nam since she talked of divorcing him after they quarreled the night she died.
Park Hae Yun, an official from the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, went to the embassy to offer condolences on her death.
The police were investigating further, he said.
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