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Thứ Năm, 26 tháng 5, 2011

On the red carpet at Cannes

Actresses Hong Anh (L) and My Duyen at Cannes International Film Festival 2011
Photo: VnExpress


Several of Vietnam’s top film-industry names stopped by for a day at this year’s Cannes film festival and have returned with some amazing experiences.
They were at the French coastal town for the screening of “The Beaver,” a Jodie Foster film.
Model and actress Anh Thu, who wore a black ao dai on the red carpet, gushed: “That is a place where every actor wants to go once in life, even just as a guest.”
Hong Anh, who won for Best Supporting Actress at the 2000 Asia Pacific Film Festival for “Doi Cat” (Sandy life) was at the festival for the second time.
A talented actress and a producer herself, Anh was earlier at Cannes last year to present one of her projects to potential investors.
Of course, that could not compare with her latest trip when she dressed up and posed for an army of photographers.
“What strikes me the most is the professionalism of everything there: All the details are taken care of to ensure we look our best.
“I feel there is a special respect for all who work in the [movie] industry at the festival.”
It was also an honor to hear the name of her country called out before she went on the red carpet though this time it did not have a competing film, unlike last year when Phan Dang Di’s “Bi, don’t be afraid” was entered.
Nguyen Thanh Van, who made the award-winning “Sandy life” and was also at Cannes, offered an interesting insight.
“Cannes is an answer to the current dilemma facing the Vietnamese film industry.”
In the industry, which has just seen a revival, there is an ongoing debate about whether to head in a more commercial or art-house direction.
And Cannes, where experimentation and independent movies are celebrated, proved that arty films aimed at a niche audience played an influential role in the industry worldwide, Van said.
“Just like the movie we watched, ‘The Beaver,’ movies do not need to be expensive. 
“It needs to be different, though.
After returning from Cannes, “We all feel a new energy to keep going and try to achieve our dreams.”

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