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Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 5, 2011

Rubella spreads fast in Ho Chi Minh

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An unusual number of rubella or German measles cases developing dangerous complications have been reported at Ho Chi Minh City’s Central Tropical Hospital, a doctor said Monday.
Normally a mild disease whose symptoms can pass unnoticed, in adults rare cases of Rubella can lead to Encephalitis or brain infection, which accounted for 1 to 3 cases per 10,000 patients.
However, the hospital has received nearly 50 cases of such serious complication since this January, Doctor Nguyen Trung Cap said.
It has also admitted the largest number of Rubella patients compared with recent years’ records.
More than 2,000 patients tested positive to the disease have been treated at the hospital since January, Cap said.
90 infected pregnant women, which poses grave threats to their unborn with incurable birth defects have also been reported at the hospital, which is a much higher number than usual.
“The disease is spreading very rapidly in our community,” Doctor Cap said.

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