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Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 5, 2011

Vietnam photographer wins international honor

Le Hong Linh has been conferred the prestigious title of Master Photographer by the France-based International Federation of Photographic Art for his black-and-white portraits of children in the Vietnamese countryside.
Linh is the second Vietnamese photographer to win the honor after Hoang Quoc Tuan in 2009.
The federation has conferred the title on more than 100 photographers since 1980.
Linh said in his “Emotional childhood in Vietnam’s countryside” collection, he sought to capture the life of children in the countryside and store memories of childhood since they would be forgotten some day.
Linh has won more than 400 international awards and held 21 exhibitions around the world.
He recently won the second prize in the small black-and-white category in the Photographic Society of America’s annual “Who’s who in photography” contest.

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